Knowledge Synergy Inc.

As a gridge between the information processing and the knowledge processing
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    About Knowledge Synergy       


Computers as a symbol processing machine have expanded the objects for processing from numeric to characters, texts, images, motion pictures, sounds, and the integration of them. Becoming "the age of information processing" via "the age of data processing," the influence of computers to human society has been tremendously increased.

However, computers are not always contributing to happiness for human beings. For example, because of thoughtless and indiscreet use of computers, the consumption cycle was accelerated, the earth environment was polluted and the succession of traditional culture was made difficult. Moreover, the present symbol processing without the ability of understanding the meaning still has large gap with our human beings and its limits are widely recognized.

Many people are making efforts to breakthrough the current condition and to go to the next step of computer using, i.e. "the age of knowledge processing", where we can share and exchange knowledge in order to make deeper cooperation between computers and human beings. By realization of knowledge processing, it is thought that the application domain of a computer and its usage are made rapid progress. At the same time, it is also required the wisdom that enable to use the upgraded computer power for true human happiness and harmonize the power with earth environment.

Knowledge Synergy was incubated by Synergy Incubate in order to devote our passion to realization of such knowledge processing. We continue to our challenge to realize knowledge processing for human happiness and harmonization with the earth environment through the gloval activity relying on the Topic Maps technology which is ISO standard and the international personal connections cultivated by the standardization activities of ISO.

About Knowledge Synergy

Company name: Knowledge Synergy Inc.
Establishment date: November 4, 2003
CEO: Motomu Naito
Capital: 10,000,000 Yen
Aaddress: 3-3-1, Yashiki-cho, Takahama
Aichi 444-1331, Japan
TEL/FAX: +81-566-91-4873
Correspondent bank: Mizuho Bank
Overseas cooperator: Ontopia AS (Norway)
BAYESIA S.A. (France)