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Product (OKS)
Product (BayesiaLab)

    Services & Products


- Topic maps creation and creation support
- Topic maps Training, consultation
- Development and development support of Topic maps application
- Others

Product (OKS)

  Product name: OKS: Ontopia Knowledge SuiteTM
  Provider: Ontopia AS


  10.11.2006    OKS 3.2.0 release   
  8.5.2006    OKS 3.1.0 release   
  6.2.2006    OKS 3.0.2 release  
  28.1.2006    OKS 3.0.1 release  
  14.1.2006    OKS 3.0 release  
  19.12.2005    OKS 2.2.4 release  
  13.12.2005    OKS 2.2.3 release  
  21.6.2005    OKS 2.2.1 release  
  24.5.2005    OKS 2.2.0 release  
  14.1.2005    OKS 2.1.1 release  
  16.12.2004    OKS 2.1.1 release  

You can download a free evaluation version of the OKS Samplers including Omnigator (Topic Maps browser), Ontopoly (Topic Maps editor) and Vizigator (Topic Maps graphic browser) for non-commercial use.
You can also see the demos of Ontopia Omnigator, The Italian Opera Topic Map and The scripts and languages Topic Map.

For more information, please refer to The Ontopia Knowledge Suite .

Product (BayesiaLab)

  Product name: BayesiaLabTM
  Provider: BAYESIA S.A.

You can download 30 days trial version of BayesiaLab.
You can also see dynamic presentations of BayesiaLab.

For more information, please refer to BayesiaLab .