Knowledge Synergy Inc.

As a bridge between the information processing and the knowledge processing

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Knowledge Synergy     

Aiming at realization of knowledge processing

Knowledge Synergy wishes that making "computers" useful for human's true happiness.

We think we can make computers more useful, if we can support people's knowledge activity by computers.

In order to support human's knowledge activity, we are focusing on Topic Maps and Bayesian network.

Topic maps are
- a new ISO standard for describing knowledge structures and associating them with information resources.
- the GPS (Global Positioning System) of the information universe.
- destined to provide powerful new ways of navigating large and interconnected corpora.
< Steve Pepper, "The TAO of Topic Maps" >

Topic maps realize "Seamless Knowledge" that seamlessly connect the knowledge dispersed on a network.

Topic maps works as "the map" in a huge quantity of the existed contents. Therefore, it is expected that topic maps can seamlessly combine the information isolated separately to make the place of knowledge sharing.

A Bayesian network or Bayesian belief network is a directed graph and a probabilistic model which consists of nodes representing variables, arcs representing dependence relations among the variables and conditional probability of those relations.

Bayesian networks are used for modelling knowledge in very large domains, for example, gene regulatory networks, medicine, engineering, text analysis, image processing, decision support systems, prospective study, data base exploitation with machine learning, etc.