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 ホーム   ニュース & イベント トピックマップ ベイジアンネット サービス & 製品 広場   パートナー お問い合わせ        2006.11.25



  製品名: BayesiaLabTM
  開発元: BAYESIA S.A.


  2006年10月23日    BayesiaLab 4.2 リリース  
  2006年5月22日    BayesiaLab 4.1 リリース  
  2005年11月28日    BayesiaLab 4.0 リリース  
  2005年5月23日    BayesiaLab 3.3 リリース  




Functions Standard Edition Professional Edition
Inference Exact Inference with Junction Tree X X
Approximate Inference with Importance Sampling X X
Interactive inference based on a file of observations X X
Interactive Bayesian updating based on a file of observations X X
Adaptive Questionnaire with respect to a target variable X X
Adaptive Questionnaire with respect to a target modality X X
Batch Labeling of the target variable - X
Batch Inference of the Not Observable variables - X
Batch Joint Probability - X
Markov Blanket exportation (Available on subscription only) SAS Macro - X
Data Data generation with MCMC - X
JDBC/ODBC connection - X
Database saving - X
Imputation of the Missing Values - X
Dictionaries Comments - X
Colour categories - X
Classes - X
Observation cost - X
Temporal indexes - X
Modality values - X
Modality names - X
Exportation of the dictionaries - X
Discretization of continuous variables Manual based on the repartition function X X
Equal distances X X
Equal frequencies X X
Decision tree - X
Aggregation of discrete modalities Manual X X
Manual based on the correlation with a target variable X X
Semi-Automatic wrt the correlation with a target modality X X
Decision tree based on the correlation with a target modality - X
Missing values processing Filtering X X
Replacement X X
Inference X X
Association discovery EQ - X
SopLEQ - X
Taboo Search X X
Taboo Order - X
Target node Characterization Naive X X
Augmented Naive X X
Sons & Spouses - X
Markov Blanket - X
Augmented Markov Blanket - X
Minimal Augmented Markov Blanket - X
Semi-Supervised Learning - X
Clustering Variable clustering - X
Data clustering - X
Multiple clustering - X
Targeted Evaluation Multiple thresholds - X
Global Precision X X
Confusion Matrix X X
Lift chart - X
Gain chart - X
ROC curve - X
Automatic layout algorithms Symmetric X X
Dynamic X X
Genetic - X
Mutual Information - X
Random X X
Graphical Network analysis Global strength of the Arcs X X
Pearson's Correlation X X
Target node X X
Target modality X X
Influence paths X X
Causal analysis (essential graphs) X X
HTML Analysis Report Arcs X X
Target Node X X
Evidence set (contradiction analysis) X X
Special nodes Hidden X X
Decision X X
Utility X X
Constraint X X
Dynamic Bayesian networks X X
Action policy learning Static Bayesian networks X X
Dynamic Bayesian networks X X
Graphics Histogram X X
Repartition function X X
Occurrence matrix with Khi2 test X X
2D Scatter points - X
3D Scatter points - X
Bubble chart - X
Multilingual English X X
French X X
Japanese X X
Cross-Platform (Java technology) X X


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